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With passion I collect all kinds of new materials that are being developed all over the world by very creative and talented people. Collectively we already have come up with astonishing answers to pressing questions, but it`s obviously not enough. It is our obligation to make responsible decisions in our approaches to design in every step we take and to let these decsisions develop into a coherent aestehtic as well. In my opinioin a big part of a sustainable design process is reflecting on what we perceive as asthtically appealing, respectively how to integrate elements of imperfection and even celebrate them as a part of a more sustainable process- and I consider this to be my role here and it defines my approach. A couple of years ago I came across mycelium objects and was instantly taken with it`s futuristic appearance and the method, which requires welcomed patience in a fast paced world. It since has been used in a variety of areas and projects, having established a consistent position in the development of CO2 neutral and negative biomateials and sustainable appoaches. 
Mycelium is the root structure of fungi that grows around organic materials. Here it is being used to join particles of selected organic byproducts, growing in molds into cladding boards and other interior products. Work in progress. 

 Swatches uncoated / resin coated


1 Preparing the substrates

 Process of shredding cypress wood

 A variety of drying gardening byproducts


2 Sterilising the Substrate

 Substrate bags ready for incubation trials


1 Cultivating the Mycelium
 DIY Instructions by TOP LAB 

 Mushroom growing outside of my studio

 Cultivated mycelium in Petri Dishes